"My girls have participated in many Riverside Theatre Arts programs including full theatre productions, workshops and master classes. I can't say enough about the positive impact these experiences have had on both of my kids. As a parent, I appreciate that the kids are treated with respect and the learning process is as important as the end result of the production. In addition to learning critical technical skills such as character development, blocking, projecting, and singing, they have learned invaluable life skills as well. They are open to feedback ('can I give you some Notes?'), they are focused on continuous improvement, and they can work as a team (a show can't go on without an ensemble). If you asked my girls, they will tell you: Riverside is a family....everyone gets a special moment and a chance to shine on stage, even if you aren't a lead part...you can always be yourself at Riverside, everyone is accepted for who they are!
In addition to all of this, they put on great performances and have a lot of fun!

- Christine Lohrfink Diaz


"Riverside Theatre Arts provides a welcoming environment for kids that are interested in performing. My formerly shy child has become so much more confident and she has enjoyed each and every opportunity that Riverside has developed."

- Dee Farmer


"I love Riverside! Such a great way to introduce your child, or help your child further develop a love of theater. Talented directors, coaches, and staff ensure your child gets a dynamic program with fun and encouragement. So glad this program is available to our hometown kids. I highly recommend it!"

- Annette McTigue


"The Riverside Theater Company is a well-oiled machine. They produced “Honk” in less than five days and the production itself was spectacular! Our daughter loved the immersive experience and it has completely reinforced her interest in drama and the arts. Under the stewardship of Laurie and Livi Perrone this company is in great hands. We plan on having both of our daughters in their productions for years to come."

- Christy Driscoll Larkin


"My now 11 year old daughter, Mia, has participated in Riverside since she was in 1st grade, starting with "Annie and the Newsies." We have always been impressed with the level of professionalism and caring that Riverside brings to their young performers. We have enjoyed many years of both summer and fall acting workshops and theater camp performances. The directors are always top notch. Always striving to help their performers reach their potential on stage. Mia has made lasting friendships with her fellow cast mates and we look forward to many more in years to come. Thanks Riverside!"

- Charisse Pagano


"How fortunate we are to have Riverside Theatre Arts here in the Hudson Valley, I cannot say enough positive things about this program. Laurie and her team are extremely talented, supportive, kind, and caring. Riverside partners with several accomplished directors, musicians, and choreographers from NYC. All of who use their expertise to bring out the best in these young performers, the results are truly amazing. Participants learn all aspects of putting on a production and work together as a cast, everyone feels like they are actively participating and contributing to the show. My son never complains about sitting around waiting for something to do, they are always learning or doing something new. The feedback from Laurie and her staff to participants is positive and encouraging, while expectations and standards are high. My son cannot wait to come back."

- Joanna Orkoulas


"Riverside is amazing! My daughter has learned so much since she joined. The staff is so kind and take the time to teach the kids and give them individual attention. The productions are top notch. You won't be disappointed!"

- Anne Salisbury


"Riverside is fantastic!! My daughter was introduced to Riverside a little over a year ago at 9 years old, and it was one of THE BEST things to happen to her for her confidence and furthering her love of singing and theatre. The amazing staff at Riverside take great care in making sure your child not only gets to perform, but learn and grow as a thespian! They truly care about each kiddo! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such an incredibly professional and experienced theatre group! Highly recommend!!!!!!"

- Brandi McLendon


"We found out about Riverside through friends, and we have been with them for the last four years. My son has learned so much from the Directors, choreographers, and music directors. I believe that his experiences with this group have made him a better performer and have led him to roles he would not have normally auditioned for. All of the performers become a family under the tutelage of Livi, Laurie, and the professionals they bring in to work with our kids. We highly recommend everyone with drama kids try Riverside!"

- Stephanie Stach


"Our family is so proud to be part of the riverside theatre arts family. It's all about the kids...they do everything and are provided many opportunities throughout the year. They learn so much about themselves and get a chance to showcase their talents. It's great for boosting confidence and teaching them to work together for greater good. Sign up with confidence, you won't regret it!!"

- Colleen Zyla


"Finding Riverside Theatre Arts was truly a dream come true! By first grade, we had discovered that our daughter's greatest passion was musical theatre. We questioned how we could possibly nurture her gifts, while being far from theatre groups in Westchester and NYC. That following summer, we heard about RTA. I remember it as if it were yesterday...as soon as I picked her up from her first day of summer intensive, she was ELATED! She could not stop talking about her instructors and the children she had met. It was evident that we had found the perfect fit for our girl! RTA is a place that provides top-notch performing arts education, while nurturing and empowering their students! I've always said, RTA is not a theatre group but a theatre family! This will be our 5th year with RTA and I can already predict that our daughter will find a way to remain with them until she's off to college! If your child is a thespian in the making, don't wait any longer...hurry up and join our family!"

- Lily Diaz


"My children have been part of Riverside for over three years now. Each year we are amazed how awesome the entire team is. Very professional and lots of fun. The kids learn so much and always have a great time. Performances are top notch!!"

- Kasey Aprile


"My daughter has been a part of Riverside Theatre Arts for 6 years. She immediately fell in love with them. Everyone is kind and inclusive. She gets to work with some of the most talented Broadway professionals in the business and most importantly she has fun! The opportunities Riverside gives our children is invaluable and I can't thank them enough for what they do. I highly recommend Riverside Theatre Arts if your looking for a Theatre program for your child."

- DeeDee Faranda


"This workshop was an incredible learning experience and stepping stone for both of my boys. We cannot WAIT to work with this company again!"

- Rachael Susskind Skigen


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